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The international sustainable transport company

Zero emission is our goal. Climate neutral is an intermediate step towards that goal.

In times when the economic climate is "chilly and rainy", you as an international transporter, logistics company or your own driver should keep your costs down as much as possible. You are dealing with slightly increasing turnover, but your margins have been under great pressure for a long time due to far too high costs and that is where Covid 19 comes into play.

At AFMB, we drive our own refrigerated trailers supplemented with tautliners and also use a fleet of fixed and contracted charters. Our charters are European transport companies.

Our head office is in Macedonia and a sister company is currently being set up in Germany.

AFMB has been growing steadily since its inception in 2010. We assist you with two innovative divisions; Sustainable transport and Innovative transport solutions. We thus offer you many modern, innovative and cost-effective services. We, at AFMB, are called " the relievers " for a reason.

By placing your road transport and logistics with us, you optimize the process and increase your effectiveness, reliability and sustainability.

We offer our clients:

  • Standard Delivery
  • Fixed delivery dates
  • Flexible delivery


  • Delivery of conditioned goods
  • Delivery of frozen goods
  • Delivery of flowers and plants
  • Delivery of FTL. pallet freight
  • Delivery of partial loads
  • Challenges


  • Delivery on Saturday and / or Sunday
  • Delivery after 6 pm
  • Collection and delivery by appointment

Safe customs clearance and export procedures:

  • Customs clearance and transit documents for the 28 countries of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland


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