• Financial Strength

  • Flagging out/Reflagging

  • Improving competitive strength

  • The Inventor

  • Substantial Reduction in Wage costs


The range of services offered by AFMB is extensive. From our international head office in Cyprus we support transporters who are operating internationally. We do this, among other things, with Fleet management and Transport management in the broadest sense of the word. AFMB is well known for its innovative services and focus on solutions. If we don’t already have a ready-made answer for your problem, we will devise a tailored solution for you.

AFMB has a great variety of clients. Our clients include both small family businesses and major players. They all have their own problems and issues, but they all share a similar need for discretion and a ready-made solution.

Our consultants will be pleased to meet you personally, to explain what working with AFMB can mean for the survival of your business in these turbulent times.

For more information we invite you to contact us on info@afmb.eu.

Bespaar nu € 18.000 p/j op een D5 chauffeur!