• Financial Strength

  • Flagging out/Reflagging

  • Improving competitive strength

  • The Inventor

  • Substantial Reduction in Wage costs

Self employed drivers

Is it your ambition to become a self-employed driver, but are you lacking the required permit or financial resources? We can offer you this opportunity with the (social) security of an employment relationship. With us you receive a basic salary with reimbursement of expenses. Besides this the bonus scheme based on your turnover offers you the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

We place the most modern type of international truck at your disposal and you take to the road with fuel and toll passes provided by AFMB. We also arrange your insurances, permits, administration and pre-financing. And all of this is without any draconian contract. So you are a self-employed driver, but without the worries that go with it. What we expect from you is autonomy, knowledge of international transport, zest for work, and impeccable behaviour. However you do need to have a reliable client of your own. Collaboration with us is always entered into and sustained on the basis of the financial results that you achieve. Drivers with insufficient entrepreneurial spirit do not last long with us!

We are always looking for entrepreneurial drivers who are keen to work as Self-employed Drivers. We offer the opportunity of working with a great deal of independence and earning a lot of money.

For more information we invite you to contact us on info@afmb.eu.

Bespaar nu € 18.000 p/j op een D5 chauffeur!