• Financial Strength

  • Flagging out/Reflagging

  • Improving competitive strength

  • The Inventor

  • Substantial Reduction in Wage costs

Transport management

Transport management looks after international transport for third parties throughout Europe. It goes without saying that AFMB is in possession of all the required permits for carrying out international transport. Our modern fleet comprises exceptionally well equipped  DAFs from the large XF Super Spacecab line. Half of these are now equipped with the clean Euro6 motors, whilst all of our trucks are equipped with air conditioning, microwave, fridge, coffee machine and transformer. This is in order to make sure that our drivers are as comfortable as possible during their stay in the truck. Our drivers are well motivated and autonomous drivers who are fully educated in the field of modern international transport.  AFMB Transport management is a fast growing division of our business, which is why we are always keen to work with highly qualified drivers. It goes without saying that we are also open for new alliances with transporters and freight forwarders.

For more information we invite you to contact us on info@afmb.eu.

Bespaar nu 18.000 p/j op een D5 chauffeur!