• Financial Strength

  • Flagging out/Reflagging

  • Improving competitive strength

  • The Inventor

  • Substantial Reduction in Wage costs

Company information

AFMB is a Cyprus based organisation which operates internationally in a flexible manner. Since 2010 we have been advising transporters who work internationally on how they can improve their competitive position. We achieve this by looking with them at how the European regulations can be applied to their business as favourably as possible. A good explanation and application of these regulations leads in most cases to significant (wage) cost savings. The services we provide are the ultimate answer to competition from Eastern Europe and to constantly increasing administrative charges and regulatory pressure. For the full range of our services we refer you to the homepage of this website.

AFMB brings together the best of a variety of cultures. The Dutch people behind the company are active internationally in a variety of business sectors. This means that we have contacts throughout the EU, we know our way around the government institutions of most member states, and we are familiar with the European regulatory framework. In all cases we are familiar with the problems that you are encountering in your own country, so you will hardly need to explain your situation to us.

Although AFMB does come in for criticism from failing governments, politicians who lack vision, and convulsing trade unions in the Netherlands, we are able to enjoy the boundless popularity of our enthusiastic employees and steadily growing number of clients!

AFMB guarantees complete discretion towards its clients.

For more information we invite you to contact us on info@afmb.eu



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